One who believes that the rights of the state come before the rights of the people. Generally, people who are conservative are against gun control, abortion, and gay marriage. However, the particular set of beliefs is dependent upon the specific person.
In contrast, smart liberals like to promote equality, as well as helping others.
Conservative: I is smart
Liberal: Sure my ignorant friend.

Otto von Bismarck, Prime Minister of the German Confederation, tried to end the influence of Karl Marx and socialism. Ironically, his efforts only made the Socialists stronger.

by smart_liberal March 16, 2008
there are 2 types of conservatives. There are gun slinging rednecks with no education and there are rich, greedy corporate executives who destroy our economy, monoplize all of the wealth and try to corrupt our politicians. The second type believes that the working class should starve and die while the rich should enjoy HUGE fucking tax cuts. However most type 2 conservatives are also poorly educated and watch nascar and believe that only pure aryan protestants should be allowed to live in the U.S.
George bush is a conservative tight wad that is obsessed with nascar,helping out his already wealthy friends who own Halliburton and believes that it is acceptable to use religion as a basis for our government.
by 8===D----(l) April 21, 2011
1.) Anybody who is not left of centre or a Canadian drug addict/whore

2.) Anybody who supports traditional beliefs and corporal punishment for truancy from these beliefs.

3.)People who do not believe in radical changes (eg emancipating illegal drug supply), think it is about time the Canadian government built long required freeways in main centres to resolve gridlock (not a pack of protesters or tree huggers, but a plethora of sedate motor vehicles whose advancement is impeded by a paucity of infastructure to accomodate them), believes the Canadian Prime Minister should walk into Lake Ontario and never return.
I am proud to be a member of the Sovereign of the British Monarchy.

Notice how in the early days, misbehaving children who received corporal punishments were somewhat reluctant to re-offend their elders.

Building new freeways in North America's heavily congested centres would be a truly Conservative choice; traffic flow would improve and possibly even improve the gas mileage of your Ford Taurus, you Ontarian drug addict.
1. The act of purposely remaining ignorant and uneducated.

1. A state of being. Can cause victims to deny facts and phenomena despite overwhelming amounts of peer reviewed scientific evidence.
Examples of "conservative persons" include global warming skeptics, supporters of abstinence only education and believers in self-regulating corporations and banks.
by Ozzmotiar September 01, 2012
An ironic title for those who support discriminating gays, who support war, who support less government control.
Conservative: I support war which is the most expensive thing on the planet but ill call myself a conservative!!!!!
by They call me the Truth April 09, 2015
1. Literally, indicative of a sparing application. Frugal.

2. In the U.S., commonly used by many members of the Republican Party to contrast themselves with liberal politicians, commonly of the Democratic Party.

3. Originally used by Republican Party (U.S.) members to mean conservative application of laws, or minimal government.

4. In modern times, used to indicate existing or past values as opposed to new values. In this sense, "conservative" refers to personal behavior rather than the use of laws. A synonym for this definition would be "unchanging."
Usage notes:

When using the word, it is important to note whether it is used to refer to a political theory/system or personal values/behavior.

In the case of number 3 above, both the Republican and Democratic parties hold conservative _political_ values (in that they want minimal government regulation), but about different subjects. For example, the Democratic Party typically believes in conservative (minimal) use of laws regarding drugs, sexual practices, and film/TV. The Republican Party does not follow conservative political theory in those matters, but does for issues of taxation, guns, and employment practices.

However, even though both parties hold conservative political values in some cases, neither maintains a consistant philosophy based on conservative application of government regulation. Both the Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. use the word to refer to enforcing conservative _personal_values_ (such as those influenced by religious background or otherwise, see number 4 above), but with differing opinions as to whether or not it is a good thing.

The original political use for the word conservative, as in number 3 above, is more similar to the political adjective/noun libertarian in use today, which describes a philosophy of minimal government,
by ed July 25, 2004
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