Mans greatest enemy, yet his closest friend...
Person A: I just slammed my penis in a car door!
Person B: Jesus Christ are you OK?!
Person A: dont worry I didnt feel a thing, I was wearing a condom!
by preppyguy21 September 09, 2004
a rubber balloon you stuff your penis in ,to keep all yoursexually transmitted diseases to yourself
i had better wear a condom so you dont catch my herpes
by boomer2 July 28, 2003
Somethin he better where if he wants to get anywhere near me unless he feels like payin for child support for 18 damn years..And if you think ur not a real man if you wear one then don't.. i'm sure u'll feel more like a man when your carryin around a bunch of damn babies!
you'll get no love if you dont wear the glove!
by Joe May 25, 2004
Something that Justin Biebers parents should have used.
Justin Bieber: Hey I'm cool and I can sing so well
Me: Your parents should have used condoms while fucking
#condoms #justin #bieber #sucks #parents
by Pussyfucker666 April 17, 2011
Using a condom and being protected, will avoid you from being on shows like, The Maury and Jerry Springer show.
"ah hell nah, I ain't this babies daddy Maury, ah hell nah, she sleep wit dem otha guyz, I wear a condom on that ho"

"This ain't ma child, look at dat ugly childs face, she a ho Maury"
#condoms #condom #protection #safe sex #sex
by Josh ye ye February 23, 2008
A rubber materiol type of hood used on both a penis or a pussy so that it can prevent pegnancy or unwanted STDs
"I aint havin sex without getting strapped.... I don't want no child..
by blazedude05 April 23, 2005
If you cover his schlong youll never go wrong
that condom is my best friend
by prince February 23, 2005
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