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2 definitions by __ellolove__

is a rubber baby preventer.
it usually goes on a penis.
not meant to be blown up as a balloon.
It catches all the white squirmy thingys so they dont go into the girl.
if you use it you will not create a tiny little baby, but if you dont use it you will get fat. and 9 months later you will find yourself in the hospital giving birth.
use a condom young men.
"put on the condom or your not touching me!"
by __ellolove__ May 23, 2009
32 7
When you find yourself staring at the window, drooling and begin licking it.
you have your box of crayons and helmet in hand. alothough you cant lick the windows and keep them shiny clean with a helmet on.
so good luck window lickers, keep cleaning!
"omg! look at kelsey lick that window, Shes such a window licker!"
by __ellolove__ May 23, 2009
6 14