A very thin latex sheath when fitted over a mans erect penis allows him to ejaculate in a womans vagina and not make her pregnant. Used by lovers to be able to fuck without making babies.
Darling I want to fuck tonight, but please wear a condom so I don't get pregnant.
by teddy jojnson October 22, 2006
The saver of all men from aids kids and comitment
Soz love im warin a condom so it aint serious
by A fat twat February 19, 2005
A cum catcher not to be confused with a female orafice
Hey baby, I'm gonna put on a condom so as not to spill the spooge in ya.
by lonestar August 04, 2004
is a rubber baby preventer.
it usually goes on a penis.
not meant to be blown up as a balloon.
It catches all the white squirmy thingys so they dont go into the girl.
if you use it you will not create a tiny little baby, but if you dont use it you will get fat. and 9 months later you will find yourself in the hospital giving birth.
use a condom young men.
"put on the condom or your not touching me!"
by __ellolove__ May 23, 2009
sumthing that guys better use unless they wanna pay 400 bucks a month for the damn thing that'll pop outta my coochie if u dont wear it!!!
u better put that thing on no matter if it slows the "stimulation" process or not
by iben motherfuckin September 10, 2003
wrap it be for you tap it
Brandon: Dude you need to make sure you wrap it befor you tap it(condom)

Nate: Damn man your right, i forgot about that, thanks man
by Brandon LA hood May 28, 2008
A savior from responsibility
Thank God, I had a condom else we'd be screwed.
by Snap, Crackle, and Pop November 11, 2007

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