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If you cover his schlong youll never go wrong
that condom is my best friend
by prince February 23, 2005
The one thing that can actually make or break your future as a young adult.

It's a thin sheath made of latex that slips right onto the male member. It comes in different sizes, flavors and even colors.

Sure the guy might lose a little feeling while wearing one, but the girl probably won't be able to tell the difference because she's the one being prodded. It's definitely worth not being whipped with a child for 18 years.
This one time, my friend Tootsie told me she's fearing she was pregnant- again. I recalled her telling me about her previous four abortions and that if she got pregnant again she'd have the baby this time around.

I told her, better start telling your man to wear a condom.
by TheSpectacularOne April 10, 2009
The only rightful thing that can come between two lovers.
Last week, I went to the store and it was written below the package, "If you're not completely satisfied with the product, Happy father's day" - stretch.me.not condoms.

by rocksterraghu July 13, 2006
The Love Glove !!
He put the condom on his erect penis before penetrating !!
by JELLO August 30, 2003
A dollar piece of plastic that stops babies and aids.

Yes, a miracle.
We have came up with a way to prevent aids and babies!

It ees called ze condom.
by lickladylickems January 29, 2008
Something not likely to come in a family pack
Condom's don't come in family packs for a reason...
by Delmar February 03, 2006
What broke last night.
Well, the condom broke so now I'm a father. Shit.
by BBPow August 15, 2010