The greatest invention. Ever.
I used a condom with him last night, so now I'm not going to have a baby or get a STI
#birth control #baby #sti #std #condoms
by qtturtle49 August 17, 2006
A light inexpensive piece of rubber that fits over the penis, designed for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and/or the prevention of impregnation, during sexual intercourse. Strongly recommended by health professionals everywhere, this unique invention has still become widely un-popular in Australia and America.
-see idiot
After a long night of slobbering over each other, Rick and Mary decided to go hard at it in the parklands. Condoms not being terribly trendy, Rick decided to continue without. Mary agreed and thought this was a smashing idea.
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005
a raincoat for your johnson

it protects against the windburn and chapping off the penis head

also can be used to wear on your head
condoms are ribbed for her pleasure if you feel extra pleasure then its inside out
by mr mcgooglestick February 27, 2005
The thin pieces of rubber that make life enjoyable.
jonny: daddy, what are condoms?

Dad: son, condoms can break
#ondoms #condom #condams #condums #andacondons
by ilyHudy June 11, 2010
The best friend of any man
A condom is a man's best friend
by me March 06, 2005
A device, usually made of Latex or rubber and of different strengths and widths, usually lubricated, which can prevent pregnancys or STD's.
Drew, put on an american condom. Those fucking Chinese ones won't fit on yours; theyre too small.
#condom #std #sti #asian #sex #prevention #jizz #sperm #semen
by kilometeros July 10, 2008
A latex or sheepskin sheath to put over the penis before intercourse. Also a lube'd polypropylene sheath that the woman can installed in her vagina;the guy won't even notice its there if he doesn't finger her first. He can just slip right up in there and there's no condom sensation at all. They even sell female underwear with it fastened in.
Condoms are hated by some men because it lowers their sensations somewhat, there is an interruption to put it on, and wearing one means that some of the responsibility of contraception falls on the male.

Never bareback someone that you don't want to have to negotiate with for the next 21 years.In other words, No glove, no love... unless one is interested in paying child support for the next 18-26 years
by John R. December 08, 2003
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