Cold means some that is very bad.
Friend: I hate John
Me: Thats cold man
by Cool Guy January 31, 2005
Popular adverb amongst street youths, particularly in Urban areas of England.
"DO you think that car is cool, Jimmy?"
"Nah blad, it's cold!"
by Coolie Kid June 11, 2008
Means not in fashion..cold/old
That tune is cold...
by paul-k January 22, 2004
The act of defecating in a container or bag and placing it at the back of the freezer (specifically used for the purpose of tipping a one night stand).

Due to the placement of the excrement at the back of the freezer, the victim will not find the item until defrosting or rotating their frozen foods. This will allow the perpetrator months or even years of enjoyment, knowing that their present is laying in wait, ready to be found by an unsuspecting wench.

(This technique can also be used by female’s who wish to ‘Cold Call’ their male conquests, this should be referred to as ‘Brown Ice’, so as to differentiate from the male equivalent.)
"Hey Blue, last night i 'Cold Called' some filthy sort"

"You know what Antonia, last night when i defrosted my refrigerator, i found out that i had been 'Cold Called'. I must have been asking for it because I am a dirty whore"
by SquireUK August 27, 2007
the state of erection, having a boner
ewww you gave that guy a cold(boner)
by mr. anonymous23 April 21, 2008
cool and old combined, cool + old = cold
dude, your grandma is cold
by jeremy! April 15, 2005
definition of an alpha
that boy is ice cold
by haha March 19, 2005

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