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to be cussed very bad
"oww man u got coated off"
by De$per8 April 16, 2005
To turn someones coat inside out, and zip it/button it back up the wrong way.
Highly annoying for the person whose coat it is, highly amusing for everyone else
Created at Herne Bay High, similar to bagged
Rex; ha, i coated rory
Sam; aha yeh, that's lolworthy
Rory; fuckers.
by Sax February 06, 2008
sweet, awesome, hot, fresh, sick
ex. 1: "your car is coated!"
ex. 2: (someone asks you how things have been) "shit's been pretty coated"
by flab gab and fat shat June 18, 2009
to describe the looks of a hot, beautiful female, to say she is "coated" is to say she is pretty, as such
man, you see her, she be all coated
by baybee gurl May 29, 2004