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The most dominant of all types of people. Well versed and extremely good-looking. Humorous by nature with a desire to party.
"I was feeling so proud of myself, I felt like a Coates!"
"The room was so nice, it was fit for a Coates."
"The lion king was the Coates of the pride."
by thedictionary.com February 04, 2010
A place where only the socially excluded of whittlesey choose to live. Ohhhh they also have a village church which is the only form of nightlive for it's inhabitants.
"Im going to Coates tonight"
by WhittleseyRob May 10, 2007
Evil demon-spawned English teacher from hell.
Coates is evil...he says my writing is getting better, but somehow my grades are getting lower.
by Ganski April 16, 2007