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brand name of the prescription drug midazolam. versed is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. it is only available in the united states in the form of injection solution and usually only in hospitals. it has an extremely fast onset of action and a very short half life of approximately one hour making it ideal for sedation that has little to no residual hangover effect.
I was so freaked out about having my colonoscopy until they pushed some versed into my i.v. not only will i never worry about having a colonoscopy again, i look forward to it.
by pfoggy October 08, 2011
(ver-ss-ed) Saying someone played against someone/thing
1. Did you see the game where the Patriots versed the Cowboys?
2. He versed the person in the game.
by I_Am_A_Sexy_Beast February 16, 2011

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