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To turn someones coat inside out, and zip it/button it back up the wrong way.
Highly annoying for the person whose coat it is, highly amusing for everyone else
Created at Herne Bay High, similar to bagged
Rex; ha, i coated rory
Sam; aha yeh, that's lolworthy
Rory; fuckers.
by Sax February 06, 2008
To remove the contents of another's bag, proceed to turn it inside out, replace the contents, and zip it back up again, preferably without the victim knowing.
Created at Herne Bay High, similar to being coated
Rex: aahhhh i bagged rory yesterday.
Sam: was it lolworthy
Rex: how could it not be?
Sam: did he over-react?
Rory: FUCKERS!!!
by sax February 06, 2008
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