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ghetto for strong or muscular

adopted from them tonka trucks back in the days (unbreakable)
dont mess with him
he is tonk
by De$per8 April 10, 2004
to back down from any thing
"he wont fight, he just folds"
by De$per8 June 11, 2004
a fat man that looks like Uncle Phil from Freshprince Of Bellair
"Suge Night that Uncle Phil lookin mudafuka"
by De$per8 February 27, 2005
ghetto slang for blame
or trouble
im not taking the flak for it
by De$per8 April 10, 2004
1. to use somthing fast untill it has ran out

2. to be cussed bad
1. man1: "got any drink left?"
man2: "no, I rinsed it"

2. "oww you got rinsed, HARD"
by De$per8 April 16, 2005

adopted from the word battyman
you touched my arse you batts
by De$per8 February 15, 2004
to be cussed very bad
"oww man u got coated off"
by De$per8 April 16, 2005

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