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to make someone look stupid or to make a joke about them
dude just clowned you
by Shannon February 03, 2004
A term used to describe how dumb a person looks while doing something. May also be used to describe how retarded a person looks.
Did you see that janitor with red hair driving the EZ-GO? He was clownin!
by Limblessless August 23, 2006
Doing something ignorant or otherwise ridiculous.
(Someone stacking heavy bags on top of smaller boxes) "Derrick stop clownin' man!"
by DaveMApprentice June 06, 2007
1. To go crazy, make a time worth while by being that crazy dude that doesn't give a dam about what anyone has to say.

2. To let loose.

3. To clown, act a fool.
Man i was clownin last night sooo much.

Dude that nigga was clownin when he went up to that chick and tried to get her to come with us.

It's time for some clownin!!!!
by j2, Clownin Bitches!!! December 04, 2008
To perform the act of humiliating a person in public for comedy.
Man, you're clownin' back there was hilarious!
by imacheater2k7 September 18, 2007
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