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putting oneself in a position where you are open to ridicule

also: clowning; to bring ridicule upon someone
he was completely clowned when he posted those n00dz of himself.
by david January 19, 2004
intoxicated in some form- drunk, high, whatever leaves you pretty much incapacitated.
"i had a spliff this morning and i'm still clowned"
by e312 January 24, 2007
When receiving head and a guy cums on their partner's face, thereby painting their face white, like a clown.
"She didn't want to swallow so I clowned that bitch."

See also head sex blow job
by cleverbitch23 August 12, 2011
The act of Destroying people in modern warfare 2
I just clowned this fool with an rpg

Joey you just got fucking clowned
by uphillteddy December 21, 2009
To be hit or slapped unexpectedly by another person. To be "clowned" the receipent of the assault must be in full view of others, and the contact must be limited to one single action that produces; a flailing motion, reeling motion, or any action of retreat on the assaultee's part that appears humourous to onlookers.
"So we were at the club and this guy is mackin' on someone's girlfriend. And the boyfriend is right behind him, but the guy is too drunk to notice. The boyfriend just reached out and clowned him right upside the head."
by Reuben Gong July 26, 2006
While engaging in vaginal intercourse, a man proceeds to insert his testicles into the woman's anus.
While he was boning her, he put his nuts in her ass...she got fucking clowned!
by Sirkeyyyy April 14, 2007
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