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The best fucking rap group unlike G-Unit and fake rappers like that.
Bone Thugs N Harmony are real rappers.
by some polak September 06, 2004
When you get the skin on your dick cut off (the excessive skin that's there, it's a lot cleaner and more sanitary)
I got circumsized when i was like 2 days old (i'm glad i did it then and not having to get it done this year)
by some polak November 02, 2004
Spontaneus anger outburst due to overuse of steroids (one of it's side affects)

steROID Roid Rage
What the fuck man calm down, you got roid rage just chill.
by some polak November 08, 2004
Cleveland where Bone Thugs N Harmony
Niggas steady payin' them dues, runnin' with trues,
Nothin' to lose, everything to prove,
Little thug from the C-Town, never caught sleepin',
Always on the come up creepin',
- Mr Bill Collector
by some polak November 02, 2004
The city Nashville, Tennesee


(Young Buck)
Young buck's from Cashville
by some polak September 06, 2004
A ghetto burrow of Boston. Most of the people are black except the west part is all rich white kids.
Roxbury is like, "Boston's Brooklyn".
by some polak September 15, 2004
It means servin time in prison.
DMX - Slippin

Was it my fault that my father left his frist kid? At 7, doin my first bid!
by some polak September 09, 2004

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