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the female organ whose purpose is sexual pleasure.
If you seriously can't find the clitoris, you're either 15 years old or gay.
by STEVE April 06, 2005
The female orgasm button.
I pushed her clitoris and she went wee!
by jaffakake October 06, 2005
A small elongated erectile organ at the anterior part of the vulva, homologous with the penis.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
A very important little sexual organ on a woman. Creator of all great orgasms! But you gotta know how to stimulate it properly, else it just hurts.
To some guys, the clitoris is a doorbell. They just press it and hope someone comes.
by TeeheeYes December 11, 2008
The tiny pencil-eraser of luuuuuve.
"I'll g-g-give you f-four hours to s-s-stop licking my clitoris!"
by Mistah Mumbo Jumbo August 29, 2006
Small pink bud in the vulva which, when stimulated, becomes erect and gives pleasure to the woman when touched. Common use of a vibrator on the clit will increase pleasure and make the woman orgasm.

Oral stimulation is also a way to tease the clit, as is with fingers, which is commonly what happens when a woman masturbates.
Sherry was so turned on, she started touching her clitoris.
by Miss F January 29, 2006
an area of the female genetalia that creates immense amounts of "pleasure" due to the tickling from any one/thing that is used to cause an orgasm.
-What's a clitoris?
-Well...You masturbate, right?
-...Go on...
-It's the thing you touch when you masturbate.
by JPerk December 27, 2005