A sensitive spot that brings much pleasure to a girl when rubbed.
If we can't find the clitoris, they make us feel bad.
by Tony Huynh May 02, 2008
The Pearl of the clamshell.

aka clit
1. that chick has the nicest clitoris

2. i rubbed her clitoris and she came
by cool_dude201 October 29, 2009
Bliss, The center of pleasure
John: Aw man whats on your face?
Ted: I was messing with her clitoris and...yea....
by DEEZnuuuuuuts November 24, 2010
The raindrop of the vaginal area. Also known as "Clit"
If you want a women to experience orgasm you may which to stimulate her clitoris manually, with a vibrator or with your tongue.
"her clitoris was almost as big as her vagina!"
by Smexy69 February 12, 2008
hot spot bitches.
you should find this immediately.
"bro, i finally found my girlfriends clitoris"
"hell yeah mah brotha"
by bob jerkins June 17, 2007
The plural of clitoris.
The women demonstrated masturbation by rubbing their clitori.
by kgeorge October 25, 2007
The clitoris is a sexual organ that is present only in female mammals. In humans, the visible button-like portion is located near the anterior junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the urethra and vagina.

Generally found far far away from Ex Ogivly Planners named Dominic Tan.
Dominic: Where's the clitoris Dad?
Dad: Anywhere you're not son.
by penishead_1999 August 05, 2009

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