an area of the female genetalia that creates immense amounts of "pleasure" due to the tickling from any one/thing that is used to cause an orgasm.
-What's a clitoris?
-Well...You masturbate, right?
-...Go on...
-It's the thing you touch when you masturbate.
by JPerk December 27, 2005
An organ that when aroused, will cause a female orgasim.
As I ate her out, I went for the clit. We never parted again.
by Kirk March 01, 2005
The only organ in a womans body with the sole purpose for sexual pleasure
Janey had so much fun with her clitoris last night.
by Petrie September 10, 2005
1. Small fleshy nub located just above the vagina and urethra and inside the labia. Homologous to the head of the penis. Covered by a "hood" of skin. When rubbed, causes intense sexual pleasure.

2. Not a joy buzzer, gentlemen. Don't just press on it and think that it will give her amazing orgasms instantly. You need to rub it and stroke it.

3. Not something to be shy about, ladies. If a gentleman can't find yours instantly, don't just lie back sulking while you think of England. Instead, help the poor fellow out in finding it. You'll both be glad you did.

4. My favorite think with.
1. Alice came after she rubbed her clitoris.

2. Bob thought Alice would come if he just pressed her clitoris like a joy buzzer, but she just laughed.

3. Bob couldn't find Alice's clitoris, so instead of just lying there uselessly, she showed him how she liked to be touched.

4. Men aren't the only ones who sometimes think with the wrong organ.
by Verileigh September 09, 2010
A sensitive part of the female reproductive organ used for sexual pleasure. Including but not limted to: Eating, licking, biting, fingering, poking, pulling.
She likes it when I put my phone on vibrate and press it against her clitoris.
by Febreze Air June 04, 2009
Acronym for the Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society.
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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