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1. Affection or affinity for animals.

2. Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with animals.

3. Biology. A tendency to feed or grow on animal tissue.
Hey Flash why are you into Zoophilia so much?

"Cause I Love Animals Dispatch!"
by Petrie April 10, 2003
The only organ in a womans body with the sole purpose for sexual pleasure
Janey had so much fun with her clitoris last night.
by Petrie September 10, 2005
A Fruit Bat
Very Large Wingspan
Hey i saw a Flying Fox!
by Petrie April 10, 2003
A person who interacts with animals sexually for sexual pleasure!
Hey flash im a Zoophiliac, I love haven sex with those Meerkats!
( Fingering them to! )
by Petrie April 10, 2003
A Dolphins Genital Opening containing the Urethra!
I stuck my hand up that "Slit"
by Petrie April 10, 2003
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