A tiny spot near the vagina that is extremely sensitive and can quickly cause female orgasm. It feels very good to stimulate, and is frequently used during masturbation to induce a powerful orgasm.
When I masturbate, I rub my clitoris as fast as I can so I can have multiple orgasms in a short amount of time.
by femininestar May 14, 2014
Clitoris is the highest part of a woman's folds. It's the very tip of her pussy. When touched, rubbed, or licked it is known to give ladies quiet the amount of pleasure. It's one of the best places to make her come hard.
The blunt tip of his finger touched my clitoris, and I came again, harder than ever before.
by Some of cookie's crumbs August 25, 2015
A pokemon.
this nigga thought that was a pokemon but it was a clitoris.
by McNiggy September 10, 2015
Plural form of clitoris
He makes all the girls rub their clitori
by butchershook May 04, 2009
a sensitive piece of skin that can give you an orgasm
I was playing around on my pussy and I was messing with my clit and got an orgasm
by horny girl July 02, 2005
Some unknown entity to man that is both evasive and mysterious
Hamish: clitoris, what Pokemon is that?
by TheRealOTB August 10, 2015
' The clitoris is the sweet spot of the entire female apparatus. The jewel of the Nile! So threatening is the mighty clitoris that it must be relegated to a backseat to the vagina in a play that has nothing to do with female parts! The vagina is nothing more than a baby-making tube that has nothing to do with real sexual pleasure in a woman! '

--- 2012. Roseanne Barr. "Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm." (Page 126).

' She was always doing loyal things like that, always rooting for her man, always rooting for Dwayne.

' And Dwayne tried to reciprocate in little ways. For instance, he had been reading articles and books on sexual intercourse recently. There was a sexual revolution going on in the country, and women were demanding that men pay more attention to women's pleasure during sexual intercourse, and not just think of themselves. The key to their pleasure, they said, and scientists backed them up, was the clitoris, a tiny meat cylinder which was right above the hole in women where men were supposed to stick their much larger cylinders.

' Men were supposed to pay more attention to the clitoris, and Dwayne had been paying a lot more attention to Francine's, to the point where she said he was paying too much attention to it. This did not surprise him. The things he had read about the clitoris had said that this was a danger---that a man could pay too much attention to it.

' So, driving out to the Quality Motor Court that day, Dwayne was hoping that he would pay exactly the right amount of attention to Francine's clitoris. '

--- 1973. KURT VONNEGUT. "Breakfast of Champions, or, Goodbye Blue Monday." Chapter 15 (Pages 150 - 151).
by Dinkum February 25, 2014

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