A sensitive spot that brings much pleasure to a girl when rubbed.
If we can't find the clitoris, they make us feel bad.
by Tony Huynh May 02, 2008
A small french tart that is considered a delicacy in remote african nations where mosquitos are rampant.
Kwame, would you please pass me some sugared clitoris?

"Sister Muwambeii, could you please make some raspberry clitoris for desert tonight??"
by Shaniqua Bodacious June 24, 2009
goofus; one who screws up.
Ray is a goofus. He gave his email URL as sbbcglobal.net when submitting his def for clitoris.
by Raymund David March 22, 2007
The area above the vaginal hole.

Is the only organ that has no other object except for pleasure.

The clitoris alone has over eight thousand nerve endings compared to the penis which has only four thousand.
Sally was recieving so much pleasure while her clitoris was being rubbed. John wished he could feel such pleasure.
by jakememate February 28, 2011
Indian in the canoe!
"I looked down at my skirt and i realized the indian in the canoe was starrting to sail out
by brenton January 07, 2005
1. A highly mobile, dot-shaped nub deviously located in the vulva and designed by nature to turn what is otherwise a pleasurable male sexual experience into an imposition.

2. Something that highly successful people often find in others.
1. Her clitoris kept on dodging my index finger until I got writer's cramp and threw in the towel.

2. Helmut Kohl found the clitoris of the German people.
Margaret Thatcher found the clitoris of the English people. Her boss found the clitoris of the company's management board. Pete, could you please try to find the clitoris of the sales department?
by Carola Oscura August 23, 2007
1. A humble Nomad
2. Coalition for the Liberation of Itinerant Tree-Dwellers
The Clitoris journeyed deep into uncharted lands.
by Nicholas Eidolon January 15, 2007
the clitoris...were to start...well its the best place for the girl
when you finger or fuck,its suppose 2 make a girl have a orgasm...which is cool but regaurdless of her pussy smelling like peaches or fish..tht water stuff stinks...but yea when you touch it while fingering...the girl gets very "happy" and starts grabbing your hand very hard and moaning...good stuff...lmao mr.lutz
mr.lutz-class smell my finger
tyler-...ewwww dude wtf were u doing with ur girl in the movies
mr.lutz-..CALM DOWN its not fictional...i touched the clitoris...
tyler-sweet can i touch it
by that1guyis May 03, 2008
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