A small nub outside of the vagina. Every women is able to orgasm from it, unlike the gspot. The gspot's location is known to be a smart part of the clitoris, so few women can orgasm from the gspot only.

To stimulate the clitoris and bring her to a real orgasm, the palm job technique is my favorite. The palm works the clitoris. Use oil/lube.
Her: You are only teasing me. My clitoris is 3 to 5 inches inside of me. Yes the gspot stimulates it, but I want a real orgasm. Please, please... I need release. Give me a palm job. My clit babe and get the lube.

Video: on xvideos website search how to make a woman squirt every time or palm job. Then click the first.

Him: you look so hot when you convulse uncontrollably after my PJ.
Her: your a real man =)) I love you.
by bigjack January 01, 2014
The plural form of "clitoris."
"Yeah man, I'm going to that party tonight to eat out some clitori!"
by sUpAhAzN March 25, 2012
It's a pussy thing...
The girl's vagina has a large clitoris.
by Myaa Youngin May 29, 2014
Nature's rubik's cube.
-Man, I can't figure out the whole clitoris shit.

-Yeah, I tried doing it in college, but gave up.
by big boy, sr. March 19, 2011
A small 'button'-like part of the female genitalia. The male gender wouldn't be able to find it if they had a map in front of them, and they'd never ask for directions anyways.
B: Where's the clitoris on this thing?
by dannieisawesome October 23, 2009
her clitoris its like a swollen speed bag
by drillit73 June 08, 2009
the first port of call maybe
however can you get past the clitoris and swim into the ocean? Jizz is the bizz if u like swimming, do you own a snorkel love!?
by Spurter February 08, 2007

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