Best substitute for chewing gum ever. Kinda hard to carry in your pocket, though...
This clitoris smells like fish pero tastes like chicken...
by Huidos January 06, 2004
A stylish french hat, has frilly strands hanging over the brow.
Take that clitoris out of your mouth and put it on your head, stupid!
by Michael Angelo June 23, 2004
Some silly Greek island.
"What're you doing dear?"
"Planning our trip to Clitoris, honey."
by Mr Funkypants April 07, 2006
bald man in a boat
Q: How do you know when a woman is on steroids?
A: When she takes you up the arse with her clitoris.
it women could orgasm like men they'd behave like them
by the bald headed hermit September 23, 2003
A giant spider from DnD.
"Run guys you are going to get eaten by the giant clitoris!!!!" - Ross
by LSMSA Sad Panda November 29, 2005
A mythical object invented by feminists in the 60s.
C'mon girls we're bringing down the patriarcal societies! Burn your bras and get out your clitoris!
by Garibaldi22 October 26, 2008
the little hangy part of the punan, located above where you insert the chode
Debbe's clitoris is so crusty she has to use vasoline
by DebChristinaLau April 22, 2003

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