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Meaning awesome or incredible, often when refering to heavy metal bands. Term originates from song by Dethklok.
"That metal band was thunderhorse!"
by samalot June 16, 2008
Maflis Mayphlis will be the alias of famed metal artist and conqueror Sammy Dalati of Ember Mist. He he will take the name when he begins planning for his presidential run, and doesn't want a past life to slow him down. Upon his election to the presidency of the United States, Mayphlis will promptly declare his government a dictatorship and begin the implementing of his grand schemes. Mayphlis will be resposible for the operations WEED/CONFORMO, IMPLEMENT: DALATIISM, and the space race, among others. An avid militarist, Mayphlis will oversee the construction of many high-tech bases in space and on land, his most notable project being the Stump. The Stump wil be a super-secret military bass in the wastes of Northern Canada, (Mayphlis will annex Canada during his first 100 days), that will protect the Earth from galactic enemies.

Mayphlis will be a firm believer in the power of the gods of Dalatiism, seeing as they have killed and eaten all the other known gods. Asknand, god of minds, Aconan god of creation, and Akrid god of fate command everyone but Maflis, who will be there ally.
"Maflis Mayphlis is one radical mutha fucka, son."
by Samalot July 13, 2008
Nadsader is a form of Heavy Metal that originated in the Midwest area of the United States. Most bands from the nadsader genre are characteristically incredible and superior to competition. The nadsader genre is best represented in the Death Metal band NAYSAYER, of Morrison, IL.
"That heavy metal band is from the nadsader genre!"
by Samalot June 09, 2008
Asknand is the god of minds in the Dalatiist religion. He is the only mortal soul to cheat fate, by beating Akrid in the game of Disk. Upon his becoming a god, Asknand created consciousness in all creatures, and began protecting us from the dumb wrath of Aconan.
bitch2O5: "Asknand isn't real!"

Ho: "You dead, bitch. Aconan gonna kill you."

(lightening strikes da bitch)
by Samalot July 16, 2008
Akrid is the god of fate in the Dalatiist religion. He is said to sit at an enormous circular table and play Disk, (the game of fate), with each soul. Only one soul has beaten Akrid at his game, and that is Asknand, the god of minds.
Dead Man: "Akrid took my soul, dude!"
Me: "Then it is the will of Allah."
by Samalot July 16, 2008
Aconan is the god of creation in the Dalatiist religion. Aconan created and creates all things but minds, which Asknand fashions. Aconan is an inexplicable force; he has no compassion for his impish creations, and we are only saved from his wrath through the protection of Asknand. Aconan takes the form of a great octopus, in whose skin the history and future of the universe is reflected.
"Aconan is responsible for the beauty and terror of everything."
by Samalot July 16, 2008
Something you piss out of.
Lots of First Ladies squirted urine from their love buttons. Check their biographies. Look under "clitoris."
by Samalot October 29, 2010
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