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Chinese I'd Like to Fuck
That CILF in my maths class has a tidy package
by RRyson December 12, 2010
Crustacion I'd like to fuck
Hey Bill, did you check out the pinchers on that hot lil' crab back there. That, my friend, is premium CILF. Hell yeah!
by Roger McTodger November 16, 2004
Like to
That hot chick I met in LA was such a CILF eh?. I mean, sure she seemed a little Torontarded, but it doesn't change the fact that I'd like to Canadian Snowplow her.
by Toomer Head November 10, 2010
Cop I'd like to fuck.

Any HOT male or female LEO worthy of spending the night or 15 mins. doing the Horizonal Polka.

A DILF or MILF police officer.
Did you see the HOT ass on that CILF?
I sure wish he had pulled me over to ask me for a date.
by BIGDOGSMATE June 02, 2009
counselor i'd like to fuck. mostly refering to school counselors, but any counselor works.
dude youre so lucky you got a cilf this year. my counselor has a gigantic fupa.
by 30min in the rubba August 15, 2009
cheese i'd liek to fuck
i want to fuck that swiss cheese in all its holes, it is so Cilf
by scott (Ichro Suzuki) April 09, 2007
Comedian I'd Like to Fuck

Works for both sexes.
Jim: "Did you catch the Roast of the Hoff yesterday?"

Dwight: "No, my mare was in labor. Anything good?"

Jim: "Well Gottfried was top as usual, but i seriously liked Whitney Cummings. Definitely a CILF, even if having a shithole like Liza Lamponelli beside raised her hottness over 9000. Later i was Cumming myself thinking about her".

Dwight: "Eww".
by Keichix August 16, 2010