Cock I'd like to fuck.

This term is used by women when they get excited and start referring to men by their genitalia.
Amanda: Our Spanish teacher is so hot!

Maggie: I know, he's a total CILF.

Amanda: A CILF?

Maggie: A cock I'd like to fuck.
by Chris Crinkle October 23, 2008
a cousin I'd like to fuck.
Joe: Dude your cousin is such a CILF

Jay: I know right?

Brad: Totally tap that
by brad5o5 March 14, 2009
Acronym for: Cartoon I'd like to F*ck.
"Man I got such a raging boner last night when I was watching watchng 'Who framed roger Rabbit??' Jessica Rabbit is such a CILF.

"Is Ariel from little mermaid a cilf, because I don't knwo where I would stick it?"
by longdonsilver February 19, 2009
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