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Clown I'd like to fuck.
Crusty the Clown is one hot CILF!
by MidtownKansasCityMan October 09, 2011
Cougar I'd Like to Fuck
Holy shit, look at that cougar! She looks like one hell of CILF.
by Jamesbobond August 16, 2011
Colleague I'd like to fuck
Nice, eh?, that CILF arrived yesterday?
by Michael.Z March 04, 2008
Car I'd Like to Fuck.
Jason: Yo Freddy, nice Benz kid, what a CILF.

Freddy: Yo Jason, keep your cock out of my gas tank. And don't tough my leather seats with those gay as finger blades, you crazy faggot.
by Eapert McDangles July 07, 2006
cracker (white person) i'd like to fuck
that girl is such a cilf!
by chocolategrape February 25, 2008
Cupcake I'd like (to) fuck.
Britney is a motherfuckin' cilf.
by bfcgs April 29, 2008
clown i'd like to fuck
man that party had a lot of cilfs
by eefrx October 22, 2007