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only the best musical ever!! its all beatles songs, and its sort of weird, but still, its a great movie. if you havent seen it, go rent it RIGHT NOW
Across the Universe is my favorite movie!
by chocolategrape March 01, 2008
the most awesome stuff in the universe. kind of like clay but softer and tastes salty. we used to make it at the preschool we i went to, and its mostly salt. We would make yummy food out of it, and then our teacher would get mad.
She made a play-doh taco, and then ate it.
by chocolategrape February 10, 2008
if you say it silently, it looks like you're saying "i wanna fuck you"
Person 1 (silently): I wanna vaccuum.
Person 2: Whaaaaaattt??????
by chocolategrape March 11, 2008
pay a nickel for someone to tickle your pickle (penis)
Guy: "Nickle tickle pickle!"
Girl: "Ok!"
by chocolategrape March 04, 2008
the past tense of the verb
"to cum"
He caim all over her ass.
by chocolategrape February 18, 2008
a white person
you can make a wonder bread sandwich...
see nutella
She's white like wonder bread!
by chocolategrape March 03, 2008
cracker (white person) i'd like to fuck
that girl is such a cilf!
by chocolategrape February 25, 2008
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