Cupcake I'd like (to) fuck.
Britney is a motherfuckin' cilf.
by bfcgs April 29, 2008
clown i'd like to fuck
man that party had a lot of cilfs
by eefrx October 22, 2007
Christian I'd Like to Fuck
Leah has broken in the cilf
by Mario Chipolini April 28, 2008
Cop I'd Love to Fuck or Cop I'd Like to Fuck
Officer Odeetull is a total CILF. I can't wait to give him a rusty trumbone later.
by Madison Ryder September 07, 2005
Couple I'd like to fuck.
Oh man, did you hear John and Erin got married? Now there's a CILF.
by Don Something December 11, 2007
Stands for "Cunt I'd Like To Fuck" much like the term m.i.l.f. (mom i'd like to fuck).
Refers to a girl of particular sexual attractiveness.

see also YCilf (young cunt i'd like to fuck), meaning the same as above, but more juicy.
"check out the cilf on the other side of the road"

"ycilf!!!" (whilst walking through a school dinner hall)
by JB July 19, 2003
Like to

I was on the 5 and I saw those Blue lights from behind and had to toss my stash. it's ok tho' cause the pig was a total C.I.L.F.!
by LiquidRitz February 20, 2008

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