(noun) A person of hispanic / latino descent that exhibits fashion, music, language (formal and informal), and other customs resembling those from Mexico. Fashion typically consists of a cowboy hat, cowboy boots (made of leather or alligator), tight jeans, and big belt buckles as used in Mexico which is perceived as "tacky" and "ghetto" by other hispanics / latinos that refuse to follow those trends in the US. Language is (obviously) Spanish (formal). However, it varies regionally and consists of many slang words (informal). Popular music styles are "banda", "rancheras", and "corridos"; all exhibit loud trumpets, accordions, and men/women with sharp annoying tones as if they were plugging up their noses with themes surrounding "drunkenness", "drinking to get rid of sadness", "masculinity", "la migra" (immigration), and songs about their beloved land Mexico.

(adjective) A person exhibiting any ONE or any combination of chunti fashion, music, language, and other customs.

Go to Mexico and look at all the men and women dressed as cowboys / cowgirls. Then you'll understand.

Someone who does not dress "chunti" is still considered "chunti" if:

1) they bump "banda" in their car with their windows rolled down

2) they go to "chunti" clubs (i.e. Potreros, La Mirage, and El Club, The Premier)

3) they speak (beaner) slang
by isa_approved January 11, 2010
Top Definition
used to describe something that is ghetto hispanic.
Her sharpie-eyebrows are so chunti.
by TheyCallMeMimi December 11, 2006
a mexican who speaks very little or no eglish. came straight from somewhere like jalisco, guadalajara, zacatecas. usually works in landscaping or gardening. Not an insult unless you are ashamed of being mexican, however you don't want to just shout it out at somebody, if you don't know them or they don't have a good sense of humor you will get jumped.
Look at that chunti with Jalisco written all over the back of his truck.
by Diana H. June 22, 2004
a Mexican person with ghetto qualities
"Ew, that bitch is super chunti."
"That guy is a mega chunt."
by Marizzio February 16, 2009
a lowlife, ignorant or uneducated mexican.
" juan acts like a chuntis when he's drunk.
by skfk March 02, 2004
A quality or quantity of lesser status or amount. An adjective. Pronounced (CHOON TEE)
The old junker he was drove was chunti.
When the french fries were divided, the amount I received was chunti.
by Kingbuku March 26, 2009
A Hispanic/Latino that has Hispanic/Latino ghetto qualities or behavior. For example; wearing gaudy gold jewelry, wearing loud clothes, or having a junked car parked in front of their house. Not only applies to Mexicans, but ALL Hispanics/Latinos, this includes but limited to Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Ecuadorians etc.
Look at that guy with all those gold rings, he is so chunti!
by Latin 1 July 10, 2008
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