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(noun) A person of hispanic / latino descent that exhibits fashion, music, language (formal and informal), and other customs resembling those from Mexico. Fashion typically consists of a cowboy hat, cowboy boots (made of leather or alligator), tight jeans, and big belt buckles as used in Mexico which is perceived as "tacky" and "ghetto" by other hispanics / latinos that refuse to follow those trends in the US. Language is (obviously) Spanish (formal). However, it varies regionally and consists of many slang words (informal). Popular music styles are "banda", "rancheras", and "corridos"; all exhibit loud trumpets, accordions, and men/women with sharp annoying tones as if they were plugging up their noses with themes surrounding "drunkenness", "drinking to get rid of sadness", "masculinity", "la migra" (immigration), and songs about their beloved land Mexico.

(adjective) A person exhibiting any ONE or any combination of chunti fashion, music, language, and other customs.

Go to Mexico and look at all the men and women dressed as cowboys / cowgirls. Then you'll understand.

Someone who does not dress "chunti" is still considered "chunti" if:

1) they bump "banda" in their car with their windows rolled down

2) they go to "chunti" clubs (i.e. Potreros, La Mirage, and El Club, The Premier)

3) they speak (beaner) slang
by isa_approved January 11, 2010
(noun) a penis-shaped object sold in sex stores and home catalogs used to probe and stimulate the vagina or anus.

(adjective) describes someone who lacks common sense or cannot seem to use logic to make sense of things. That is, their logic and mentality is "floppy" just like a dildo. (the term applies to both men and women).
GIRL 1:"Girl, my boyfriend's dick isn't as big as I thought. "
GIRL 2: "You should buy yourself a dildo. It's probably bigger than his dick."

DETECTIVE: "If the man drove her home, and he was the only one at her house at that time, and he myesteriously disappeared, he must have murdered her! Am I right?"
ROOKIE: "I don't get it..."
DETECTIVE: "Dude, you're such a dildo!"
by isa_approved January 11, 2010
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