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Southern California slang for a Mexican unattractive boy or referring to something Mexican.
Doode, that's chunty. Go put that back.
by Samm831 February 16, 2009
251 87
Scottish (north-east) Slang for toilet.
I was thinking of you as i sat on the chunty laying a fat turd.

Chunty-flush - to have one's head put down the toilet and flushed.
by MrAdequate October 12, 2010
37 54
A 20mg tablet of adderall. Twenty = Chunty.

Usually orange in color. Side effects include running of the mouth, increased dehydration, and having incredible and obsurd amounts of fun.
"I just popped 3 chuntys in a row and I feel like my heart's going to explode. Help."
by KingOfArlington February 04, 2010
29 70
On a male, the area between the ball sac and the anus
After a hard day of work, Ted's chunty was extremly moist.
by The Chuntys April 18, 2007
48 166
cunt, get the idea
Her rancid chunty really stunk up the room!
by DrFill January 05, 2006
35 174