Indian/ Mumbai slang to describe someone or something that is ghetto, trashy, low class. It is used to replace most verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, interjections or common use as an idiom.

Other usages: the word can be modified to better suit situations and circumstances such as; chuntigiri, chuntees, chuntiness.....

Common examples of word usage:
- You’ve got such a lot of Chuntiness in you (verb)
- I dont give a Chunti (action verb)
- Stop your Chuntigiri bitch (adjective)
- Chuntees !!!! (random outburst of a word)
- Take this Chunti out the back and shoot him between the eyes (noun)
- Check this Chunti out; he is just radiating his Chuntiness all over the place, Chunti! (noun, verb, idiom)
- Alexander is my neighbor. Chunti says that he likes bollywood music (noun)
by ChuntiMan69 March 30, 2009
the type of music that most Mexicans listen to..musica norteña.
You kno a Mexican is driven a car when they got the name of their pueblo written on the bak of their truck nd u can hear their chunti music from 3 blocks away.
by gymzson November 09, 2005
A hardcore beaner who wears a million wanna be gold rings on their fingers along with a million gold necklaces. They also wear humongous belt buckles and snake skin boots. They often wear large cowboy hats and listen to annoying beaner music. They are usually the ones who honk at you when your walking down the street, you will recognize them because they are the ones with all the garden supplies in the back of their pick up truck. You will often hear them yell "Ay! mamasita!". When spotting one you will notice they have a beer can permanantly attatched to their hand.
Some nasty ass chunti had the nerve to honk at me as i was walking home.
by la chunti hater March 22, 2007
The word "chunti" is used to describe a trashy, cheap, low class Mexican. It's meaning is similar to more popular terms like wetback and beaner.

It may also be used to describe something that is extremely popular within Mexican culture (e.g. certain types of music, movies, clothes, food, etc, popular with Mexicans the world over). In this context, it's rarely meant to be insulting.
Example 1 -
"So, what do you think of your new neighbors?"
"They're a bunch of filthy chuntis!"

Example 2 -
"How do you like these boots? Should I buy them?"
"I don't know dude, they look a little chunti to me."
by realityisarideonabus August 25, 2007
Being absolutely, stunningly beautiful and pretty
That girl is so chunti!
by Layla825 July 03, 2011
its a mexican, usually somebody who was born in the U.S. but parents were born in mexico, who tries to act hard like they were from the streets of mexico even though theyve never even seen it or been there. they usually wear baseball fitted caps halfway in the back of their head and dress like a wannabe gangster. they talk with a wannabe spanish accent mixing english and spanish because they think it sounds cool and funny but they sound really stupid. usually has a lot of fake mexican pride which they try to flash alot looking even more like idiots. very much like a wannabe gangster. usually listen to alot of ranchero and corrido (mexican music)

chunti: whassup que pasa carnal what are you doing?
non-chunti: ....nothing
chunti: hey mang wanna go to the pelicolas?
non-chunti: no thanks
chunti: mira do you like my chicano pride shirt with the mexican bandera on it?
non-chunti: not really
chunti: well voy a ir a las pelicolas with my damn dickies sagged under my ass and my chunti ass mexican pride shirt with the mexican flag on it alright? arratos
non-chunti: fuckin chunti wannabe gansgter
by robin c March 05, 2006

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