what fat girls experience when their inner-upper thighs rub together so much they get chaffed and rashes break out. It usually is accompanied by sweat and foul odors. chafejock-itch
That chick has such bad chub-rub that I can see blood marks on her pants between her thighs.
by Dong Wong October 18, 2005
Top Definition
the rubbing and chaffing of chubby thighs against one another during long walks or duration of activity.
chub rub from long walks or physical activity
by jackmc3913 November 22, 2009
When the skin between a fat chicks thighs rubs together while walking causing an mild irritation between their legs.
Yo, i thought that chicken head had some cooties but it was some mad chub rub.
by erik tassmer February 05, 2006
When your thighs love each other very much and touch each other when you walk. Also known as 'chaffing'
Girl 1: My thigh gap is so sexy.

Girl 2: *Laughs* My chub rub is sexier.
by omgeeeee February 15, 2015
Another stupid label made up to put larger women down.
Implying if their thighs touch when they walk or stand, it's a Chub-Rub
that girl got that Chub-Rub going on.
by LordVlad November 25, 2013
Getting a handjob while not being fully erect
Duuude Cindy gave me a chub rub after the party
by Foiegras4lyfe February 09, 2015
When two fat chicks scissor
It's hot when I see girls chub-rub.
by Capt. Philthy July 21, 2011
Rubbing an erect clitoris.

"You're so sexy I'm going to need a chub rub soon!"
by 2lesbiansinlove January 04, 2012
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