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When your fart is really hot, and it hurts your cornhole.
Girl: " See you @ the movies tonight! "
Guy: " Maybe if I could walk to my car, drive my car, and walk from my car to theater I would. "
Girl: "Aw what's wrong?"
Guy: " I cannot stop chaffing :/ "
Girl: " :c Maybe some other time? "
by Lo Vlesbians July 14, 2010
really OLD English expression meaning Huge. Only nowadays being used by James May from Top Gear, and that Wine American adventure programme.
they spend their time fishing, in this chaffing big lake!
by youwannaknowmyname?Tough February 24, 2011
What may appear to be an unfortunate mishap or series of events, but is usually the predictable consequence of laziness, incompetence or stubbornness.
I think there's been some chaffing over that e-mail Scott sent.
by Isobel Coombes July 15, 2008
the state of relaxing casually with one or more partners in a social manner. especially effective when the members of the party are named emily and or/adam. however a good glen can be a welcome compliment to a "chaff" on occasion.
"Chaff off"
"Chaff yourself"
"Chaffing man for life"
by Adam Bevan February 01, 2007
When you are so bored, you browse through IRC channels and add nothing to any conversations.
There's gotta be someone out there that will talk, stop fucking chaffing.
by Ov3rLoRd May 21, 2007

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