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The act of rubbing an Item on your genitalia for malicious or humorous reasons.Similar to Stink Palm
I wonder if he enjoyed using his optical mouse after I chubbed it?!!
by LAMER October 04, 2002
6 32
a lovable tasty substance. that only one person in the world has.
"let me get you a piece of chub"
by woaaaaah November 04, 2009
5 32
A persons cock that is small and and fat and is the color maroon.
"Frank, you have a chub! You have a maroon cock!"
by NumetalFag July 09, 2009
1 28
During oral sex when one party vomits up on the upon the other party
"dude she totally chubbed on me last night"
by Sane Zackett August 14, 2008
3 30
every possible sexual fetish shortened to 1 syllable.
Guy:You are such a chub.
Guy 2: huh? *searches on internet then upon finding the definition cries to a Sum 41 Ballad*
by polka hero! March 28, 2008
2 29
a roll of fat that older children have, baby fat that was never burned off.
look at all the chub on those tikes- they still look like babies!
by Charlie Hardfort December 19, 2007
9 36
A form of dog food that comes in a thin sheath bought from cheap High Street shops.
Jordan, pass me the chub.
by Ben Small October 12, 2004
3 30