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The act of rubbing an Item on your genitalia for malicious or humorous reasons.Similar to Stink Palm
I wonder if he enjoyed using his optical mouse after I chubbed it?!!
by LAMER October 04, 2002
a lovable tasty substance. that only one person in the world has.
"let me get you a piece of chub"
by woaaaaah November 04, 2009
A persons cock that is small and and fat and is the color maroon.
"Frank, you have a chub! You have a maroon cock!"
by NumetalFag July 09, 2009
During oral sex when one party vomits up on the upon the other party
"dude she totally chubbed on me last night"
by Sane Zackett August 14, 2008
every possible sexual fetish shortened to 1 syllable.
Guy:You are such a chub.
Guy 2: huh? *searches on internet then upon finding the definition cries to a Sum 41 Ballad*
by polka hero! March 28, 2008
a roll of fat that older children have, baby fat that was never burned off.
look at all the chub on those tikes- they still look like babies!
by Charlie Hardfort December 19, 2007
A form of dog food that comes in a thin sheath bought from cheap High Street shops.
Jordan, pass me the chub.
by Ben Small October 12, 2004