One non-zest who hovers, stalks, and obsesses over a zest, which may include sexual or non sexual crushes on the zest.
"I announced that I liked hugs from meaty people, and all the chubs came running."
by Sheep November 22, 2004
over weight funny fat person has excelent choreography to the System of A Down song "Violent Pornography" , has raped by a white jew named "Sam" , and has a black friends from CSI Washington
Chubs got raped ... then chubs rapes someone else with black friends of assistance.
by Mathias Whitmann October 29, 2006
curtis' favorite play toy
roxanne has chubs.
by el deezy April 14, 2003
Gay slang for an obese person. It's usually only used by gay men when referring to other gay men.
He asked me out but I declined. I'm not into chubs.
by Tomahhtoe April 30, 2009
A penis that is just as big or bigger around as it is long.
Man, that was a chub
by Suzy J. January 26, 2004
A Fat piece of crap!
Chris Gonzales!
by Jimmy Wall April 08, 2003
A word describing the extra fat on your stomach.
elise: hey victoria look at my chub.
victoria: woww, my chub is definitely bigger than yours!
by eliselovee November 13, 2010

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