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The act of contracting a 1/4 erect penis for no reason.
Josue was chubbing in the middle of algebra class.
by LiVo May 30, 2005
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another word for eating food
why are you chubbing all the food
by chubbing June 05, 2014
Cruising local hot spots picking up extremely fat chicks for a night of sexual pleasure.
"Hey man, don't forget the bag of flour, we're going chubbing tonight".
by Schmeat May 03, 2007
"a game played by military personal in basic used to score points for cigarettes or other putlawed items. involves whipping penis out and smacking someone with it. more points are givin for varied "chubs" such as no handed chubs, and one legged chubs"
"G.I. JOE was chubbing the back of my head"
by eric w. July 17, 2003

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