The act of rubbing an Item on your genitalia for malicious or humorous reasons.Similar to Stink Palm
I wonder if he enjoyed using his optical mouse after I chubbed it?!!
by LAMER October 04, 2002
a word that can be used in place of another word in any situation making the conversation hilarious knowing it means a semiboner.
person 1: Hey after quince practice, lets go to CHUB-IN-THE-BOX.
person 2: Nah nah nah, why not MC'CHUB? LOL lol rofl lmao lmfao baha huhahah hehe.
by polar chub December 30, 2009
Slang for a pouch of chewing tobacco that one would insert into the lower lip. Coined by Kenny Semelsberger and Adam cox of Strongsville, Ohio.
Dude, I really want to throw in a chub right now.

Andrew: Wanna chub?

Kenny: No, that stuff is bad for you.
by Kenny Semelsberger November 10, 2009
a lovable tasty substance. that only one person in the world has.
"let me get you a piece of chub"
by woaaaaah November 04, 2009
A persons cock that is small and and fat and is the color maroon.
"Frank, you have a chub! You have a maroon cock!"
by NumetalFag July 09, 2009
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