-proper N. A man with a chub.

-N. A penis whose girth is twice the number of centimenters than it's length.
--See also, "patty"

-V. To abscond with, often for the purpose of feeding one's fat ass.
Sue: So, betty, was donald any good?
Betty: No, he was a chub tub.
Sue: What's that?
Betty: It's when the cock looks like a half black, half asian. To make it worse, he chubbed my panties and half of my fridge
by Dill Dough February 16, 2004
A mixture of the words chow and grub, is used to refer to eating unhealthy food for a long period of time, because there is simply nothing else to do.
Shit man this movie sucks. Let's just go back to Blake's, get some chub, and turn on "Army of Darkness".
by Steve Kaye December 03, 2005
Noun. A marijuana cigarette (aka a Joint) that is of normal length but excessively thick.
Me and Benny went up the hill and smoked a chub before the party.
by Arrbear August 21, 2005
The small fats that hang out around your lower stomach or right above your pants. Also known as "muffin-top" or "love-handles".

Often poked.
"Take that shit off! It looks all wrong with your chub hanging out."
"Aw, (pokes fats)look at that chub!"
by Wubbie Wubbie September 04, 2006
to chub someone would be to badboy someone in the chub, the chub being located next to the fufu valve
cody chubbed the world
by cody birse September 26, 2006
excess fat hanging barely overlapping ur waistline,another word for sayin that girl is thick as hell,it seems like someone jus pumped a girl stomach full of jizz
"damn dog that bitch got some good chub id beat them guts up"
by donatello11 March 27, 2007
Usually means a fat dick, but in this definition, it is a male who is particulary fat.
Damn, that is one hot chub, he must weigh about 300 pounds!
by Marc December 30, 2004

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