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A polite term used to describe a dong that is long, floppy, and blood-filled, but dose not stand out and proud like a normal erection
Ever since i was shot in the testy, im unable to get hard, only flacid
by kingfloppymonster March 17, 2005
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What some people (KK) call a soft dick
"Dude my girl couldn't get me up, I was just so flacid."
by ciddoxxavius December 18, 2007
When a guy's dick is loose and floppy, the opposite of erect. If you're lucky your boyfriend won't try and slap you in the face with it.
Chip: hahahha, i'm gonna slap you in the face with my flacid penis!!!!

Phillis: haha bet you won't!

Chip: *whacks her in the face*

Phillis: .....did that really just happen
by traelsldffadlsk January 18, 2012
Gettin' mad soft or limp.
Girls Question: "If I were an ice cream cone, how would you eat me?"
Peter Griffin: "I'd eat you real fast, before I got flacid"
Stacker McRandler: "I'd invite my friend Ronny over, and we'd give you a double dip"
by Johnny McSteampot March 08, 2008
A drinking game combining flip cup and beer pong that theoretically gets you so wasted that you can't get it up, hence it's name.

It starts with four cups lined up in a straight line on each corner of the table filled 1/4 way with beer. There are two people per team and they stand on opposite sides of the table so that they can shoot into each other's four cups. The first two people shoot. If someone gets a cup in, the person has to drink the cup and then flip it before he or she can shoot again. First team to get it in all four cups and flip them, wins.
"Dude last night I played 5 games of flacid in a row and I was so messed up I had to have stacy drive my car home"
by bostongirlx02 July 14, 2008
when your nights a flop
"man that party was pretty flacid"
by dikhead7! October 12, 2008
acronym- erect

Big... Flacid... Sausage-Penis.
Dude his penis is very big and flacid.
by whoo April 12, 2005

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