A nor cal term for a "joint".
Wow, that "chopper" got me hella high!
by A lexus September 08, 2009
Dick, mildly coarse.
"The French producer said hello, unzipped his fly, and then pointed at his chopper fixedly with his index finger . . ."
Tibor Fischer: Voyage to the End of the Room
by Anggie April 18, 2006
1. A Thompson submachine gun.
2. The rotating part of a mechanical siren
3. A helicopter
1. "Hand me that chopper" (from movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
2. The sirens chopper is responsible for producing sound. It "chops" the air stream.
3. The chopper should be here any minute!
by BlastMaster December 30, 2003
A person who causes immense irritation from their mere presence. A person lacking in all charisma and decision making ability
That skipper is a complete chopper
by The Boyo October 12, 2006
Slang expletive.
Def: Falice;Boabie;Knob;Dobber.

Regional dialect in West of Scotland (especially the Clyde Valley) for a large formation of male genitalia usually directed as an insult towards a person who "is pure ful o' themsel'"
"Aw, whit man... That guy oo'er ther is a pure chopper!!!"

(roughly translated to 'that gentleman over there is a bit full of it...)
by Scott Kerr March 14, 2006
The art of swinging your penis around in circles like the rotor of a helicopter. Usually for others to see.
Craig likes to Chopper alot.
Craig is a Chopper Master
"Damn it Aaron, Craig just Choppered me again"
by Marty O November 06, 2005
Black and Chrome Chopped Hog.
Is dat yo chopper leakin' oil all over the sidewalk ?
by puf April 09, 2006

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