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A word to describe a male follower of Islam. As part of the religion is to practice circumcision, the term is used in a derogatory manner to describe followers of Islam.
Look at that dirty Chopper!
by Medik August 29, 2007
1. a helicopter... duh
2. a custom motorcycle
3. a fully automatic assult rifle or sub machine gun
4. spinners that look like theyre chopping or slicing when the car pulls up to a stoplite
5. a custom convertible, that would otherwise be an ordinary hardtop coupe, with the top "chopped off" by a skilled professional at an auto body shop, a "chop shop"
3. "front door swang open like, wham! niggas point choppers at me like uncle sam"
4. "still choppin on dem buttons, im struttin and lookin fresh"
5. "remember i could get ur block knocked off... bentley coupe wit the top chopped off"
by roosack March 18, 2007
Nickname for Mark 'Chopper' Reed. Real life Aussie crim who chopped off his own ear and had a witty way with words. A pretty cool film was made about him, named "Chopper" Great portrayl of Bogans and westies in there as well.

Eric Bana's Chopper was better than the real Chopper.
Q: We've got to get him to hospital Chopper?

A: Do you think my name is Mark Fuckin Medicare Reed?
by sylvy September 23, 2006
A generic pronoun which is primarily used in place of the word beer, but can realistically take the place of any noun, adjective, or verb in the proper context. Derived from Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic Predator line, "Run! Go! Get to the chopper!!" from Predator.
Hey man, pass me a chopper.

I got so choppered that I choppered my chopper into a chopper.
by Bearskin October 12, 2005
A blunt. Straight up
Wanna spark up this chopper?
by WeedManzor May 06, 2009
A tobacco cigarette laced thoughtfully with cocaine.
"goddamn, that chopper got me chopped up!"
by laz_ January 19, 2008
A person who causes immense irritation from their mere presence. A person lacking in all charisma and decision making ability
That skipper is a complete chopper
by The Boyo October 12, 2006