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Ace Combat 5 is the fifth installment of the AC franchise. This is the first in the series to include wingmen in which you can chose their planes and command them in battle. Ace Combat 5 revolves around Wardog Squadron, a Osean fighter squadron based out of Sand Island Airforce Base, off the western coast of the main country. This group is soon forced into combat through unseen events, and has three seperate engagements (one not playable) with enemy fighters supposedly from Yuktobania, another superpower. The team sinks two Yuktobanian war-subs, the Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi. During a flyby of a stadium elsewere, the team loses one of it's valued pilots, and goes into a demonic rage and destroyes enemy fighters above the stadium. After later escaping from knowing too much, the remaing loyal squadron memebers hide out on the carrier Kestral where they recieve a new addition to their team. Soon after, all planes are given a Jet Black paint job, with the flight leader, Blaze, being given death red tips at the top of the vertical rudder on the back. The unit is then renamed Razgriz Squadron and serves directly under the Osean president. Razgriz Squadron succesfully stops the nuclear bombing from Arkbird, the rebirth of Belka, and the fallout of SOLG.
For more timeline info see Ace Combat 5 events
Ace Combat 5 is probably the longest and most unorthadoxed game in the series.
by iseeum May 21, 2008
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