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The nickname given to famous Australian criminal Mark Brandon Reid. The nickname was given as a result of a prison incident which saw Mark cut off his own ears.
Have you watched the Chopper Reid DVD?
by Aussie Dunno September 19, 2006
A motorcycle, usually custom built, sporting long front forks, high handlebars and a low slung seat.
The tv show American Chopper on discovery channel is one of the best sources of information on finding out how custom choppers are built.
by ezrider1978 June 20, 2005
a word used to describe a talktalk customer who is computer illiterate ie: fucking useless. This term also applies to first line advisors
"Hey Mike, this guy's a complete chopper. He's asking me what the wireless cable looks like"
by Mike Markison May 08, 2008
1. a cruiser motorcycle with extremely long forks and high handlebars
2. A helicopter
3. A real motocross racer. Usually on a kawasaki.
is chopper racing today?
by Jondittle Carrolite June 02, 2005
A girl that licks penis
Ay my niggs that ho is a chopper
by OG PORK rinds April 05, 2008
basically a man who has very tiny balls...true story
but nelson mandella's a chopper!

Communism doesn't rule, it just attracts the most choppers.
by P.T Wooley May 11, 2005
chopper is a slang term for prison used on the streets of london
(and bookham)
'where you been bruv?'
'ohh sorry man i was in the chopper last night'
'no way that is TIGHT'
by wiggasunited January 20, 2008