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Brand of cigar used for rolling a fat blunt with the potentiol of burning for an hour or more. Is a actual tobacco leaf.
You can catch me chillin' in the club steaming a optimo, with my dick getting sucked by a dime hoe.
by LoneStarSteve7 January 21, 2005
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the spot to get anything you want no matter how old you are. Smoking age is 10. Drinking age is 12. Anything you want you got it at the optimo. Number one chill spot for goons on the ave.
Billy Bullsh: Yoo0o lets go 2 the optimo i need to get a lucy broooooo

Dom B: naa lets get some al capones

Panza: chilllllllllllllllllllllll lets go rob shit
by william oliva February 04, 2009

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