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A derogatory petname for an annoying person who follows you around the bar all night and doesn't get the hint that you are not interested.

Girl 1: So this guy started talking to me and now won't leave me alone.
Girl 2: He's such a chopper.
by eblossom June 30, 2011
1 1
The part of the anus responsible for cutting excrement from ones internal bowles
"I have just been to the toilet and my crap was so big my chopper was struggling to function"
by mikeyplaa February 26, 2009
8 8
A right dobby who persistantly chops wood, to no avail.
"Dan's a hefty chopper, for sure"
by Big Bazz September 17, 2012
0 1
Call-sign of Alvin H. Davenport from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
I can't believe Chopper died in Mission 17; Journey Home!
by Zack Finley September 26, 2008
7 8
An extraordinarily large joint, blunt, or spliff, rolled basically to maximum capacity of the paper or tobacco leaf being used. Term originated at UCLA, circa 2005.
My boy sepi just rolled a chopper... he put an 8th in an optimo
by Gabriel Tycho September 18, 2008
32 33
1. A customized motorcycle; easily identified by it's "ape hanger" handle bars and tiny front wheel.
2. Urban slang for an automatic assault-type rifle or machine gun; typically an M-60 or Gatling gun type weapon.
1. The biker customized his Harley into a chopper.
2. The gangster used his chopper to fight off his enemies.
by MP437 September 06, 2005
179 180
The nickname given to famous Australian criminal Mark Brandon Reid. The nickname was given as a result of a prison incident which saw Mark cut off his own ears.
Have you watched the Chopper Reid DVD?
by Aussie Dunno September 19, 2006
9 11