1. a "chopped" motorcycle. From the practice of cutting parts off and otherwise modifying a stock motorcycle to customize it and improve its performance

2. an old military term for a machine gun. It was not made up by some rapper. The term goes back decades, and was used in WW2.

"what do you drive?"
"a chopped down 1984 Harley, you?"
"nice, I sold my chopper when I had kids, now I drive a mini van"


Dolan: "You know the orders. No fraternizing."

Alfie: "Who's fraternizing? I only asked if he's got bullets in that chopper. I don't want him to take his play-acting too much to heart."
(from the 1967 movie Tobruk)
by procurer June 11, 2009
Top Definition
1.Chopper- "Chopper City" is another name for the AK-47 assault rifle". What B.G. Meant there is A Chopper is an AK-47 assault rifle.
2. Chopper- Someone who plays the game raw and Chops.
I told my Patna pass the choppa whatch me quiet this shit.
by Emetic March 14, 2005
a fully automatic weapon that chops through the streets fuckin up what ever it can hit.
What did you shoot the place up with? Did with a chopper/choppa
by bay area eric April 14, 2006
A "chopper" is an AK-47, a term usually attributed to Gulf-region rapper B.G., formerly of Cash Money Millionaires. "Chopper city", in turn, is a nickname for the city of New Orleans, which is where B.G. grew up.
"Shit got hot in Chopper City tonight!"
Chopper City in the Ghetto - (Title of a B.G. Album)
by King of Chopper City February 19, 2006
Candy coated rims of 26 inches in diameter
Dubs = 20's
Twanks = 22's
Jordans = 23's
Grown Men = 24's
Choppers = 26's

"Got Choppers?"
by bangbangletchyanutshang September 19, 2003
A modified, customized motorcycle, typically a Harley Davidson, although "back in the day" Indian, Triumph and BSA motorcycles were "chopped" and these days Japanese motorcycles are being transformed into choppers.

The term "chopper" comes from the origins of motorcycle customization. Unnecessary parts were (sometimes literally) "chopped" off to reduce the weight of the motorcycle and increase its performance for racing. Rear fenders were "bobbed" (where the term "bobber" comes from), front fenders, crash bars, saddlebags, windshields, head and tail lights, kickstands, mufflers, etc. were all discarded to improve the machine's power-to-weight ratio. Forks were extended to improve ground clearance and later raked to compensate for better stability.

Contrary to popular belief, a chopper is not simply a motorcycle built with long forks, a stretched frame, chrome and billet crap and a gazillion-color $10K paintjob. True choppers are generally built from another motorcycle or motorcycles, by the owner of the motorcycle and modifications are done to the builder/owner's desires and usually done on a budget.

The big-bucks "chopper" shops do not build choppers. OCC does not build true choppers. They build custom motorcycles. A custom can emulate the classic chopper styles (bobber, East Bay lowrider, digger, fat bob, etc.) but it is not a true chopper. Same as a fibreglass-bodied 350/350-powered 5-window coupe that looks like a hot rod, it is not a true hot rod.

Whose motorcycle is this?
It's a chopper, baby.
Whose chopper is this?
It's Zed's.
Who's Zed?
Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.
by Dr. Badwrench January 06, 2007
chopper (commonly pronounced choppa) is the nickname for the Thompson sub-machine gun a.k.a. the Tommy Gun. The word is derived from the sound it makes when being fired in full automatic mode which makes a chopping sound. The word is now used in pop-culture particularly in rap music to describe any kind of fully automatic sub machine gun.
You wanna bring beef well I got choppers in the backseat.

I went to the gun show today and picked up a nice chopper.
by luv4jah98 February 15, 2009
A middle class male who fits most, if not all of the following criteria. Not to be confused with a rah.

He has floppy shoulder length, usually blond hair.

He visited South East Asia for his gap year, but he doesnt call it a gap year he calls it "travelling". What he actually means is he got shitfaced with other choppers for 3 months, all the time posing with the the poor local children for a host of Facebook profile pictures.

He is paid through university by his family and finds it strange that not everyone gets the same deal.

His year round attire is a pastel coloured polo shirt, three quarter length beige shorts and flip flops.

He drives a Mini.

After finishing his degree in Business Studies or Management he will get a job working for his dad's company.

He has a tattoo on his arm (often from his "travels") that he considers to be meaningful. It shows his creative side. It says "TWAT" in Vietnamese.
Look at that guy at the bar, he's a complete chopper.

Fredo: I just got back from Thailand. It was amazing, the people there have it so hard. I helped them build a hospital while I was there.
Davey: Mate, you are such a chopper.

Fredo: Do you like my new tattoo? It's my girlfriend's name in Hindi.
Davey: Mate, you are a complete and utter chopper.
by jimboooooooo May 07, 2009
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