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A firearm that is fully-automatic or select-fire, e.g. the M16A2, AK47, Uzi, MAC10.

Choppas are NOT the so-called "assault weapons," as "assault weapons" do not exist, they are a figment of your imagination, get over it.
Damn son, nigga got his wig split wit a muthafuckin choppa ya heard me!

Project Pat:

You gon' pay cause these nine mil'uh mills quick to mop'uh
Wack a snitch off take ya life off the whoppa choppa
Get the choppa put the mask on
Nobody gon' hear knock knock
Get my blast on
All up in your grill
All a nigguh wanted dawg was a piece of the pie pie
But when my tones in your face you say bye bye
by HEHE DOOT THATS NAR March 05, 2004
1. Helicopter noun

2. A place Arnold Schwarzenegger often tells people in his movies to go to
"Gooooo, get to the choppa"
by Seoul September 09, 2003
In the Dirty South, choppas are understood to be ak-47's or weapons of similar nature that have their barrels sawed off. This makes the weapon more deadly because it can spray in a larger area than a regular ak-47 or ar-15.
Yo dun, I got a choppa and I'm finna body a muhfucka.
by AzianGangsta February 26, 2007
A big fucking automatic gun
AK 47, AR 15, SKS

Ay son dey talkin shit, grab dem choppas and hit em up.
by liveevil November 04, 2007
Choppa(Firearm) Also referred to as Ak-47. The AK-47 Makes a distinctive noise when fired, Some say its is a chopping noise.
Daddy's gonna get you a choppa like this when you grow up.
by Gunnerd January 27, 2010
Slang term for chopsticks. This term is best utilized with a Schwarzenegger accent in a Chinese restaurant as in "GET ME DA CHOPPAS!"
Waiter: Would you like a fork?
by Woody LaJonze February 06, 2014
the assualt rifle ak-47 called this because it sounds like a helicopter when it shoots
Waka Flocka's weapon of choice is his choppa.
by large chad March 23, 2011
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