Slang for a machine gun, mainly used by dem boys from New Orleans, like the Hot Boyz.
1. "Them chopper bullets melt you body open burn nigga" -Hot Boyz
2. "Hangin' from coppers wit' choppers givin' a fuck..we hit Bitch...dem boys at war in the nolia" - Hot Boyz
by Preacha Truf July 26, 2006
A person, usually male who would have been previously referred to as an 'idiot', 'wanker', 'fool' or any other of the myriad of terms applied to people who aren't 'good'.
Yeah...what a chopper
by turcle93 April 21, 2011
(1) slang for "helicopter".
first appeared in 1951, during Korean War, as military slang. Term was furthermore popularized during Vietnam War and numerous Vietnam flicks.

(2) Meaning "stripped-down modified motorcycle".
as ridden by Pierce Brosnan in "James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies". (BMW R 1200 C)

Seargent Sullivan to deadly wounded soldier:
"Hold on Jimmy. The chopper's gonna be here in no time and you're gonna be home for christmas."
Jimmy: {is dead}
by züri sinolog December 21, 2005
commonly used in slang terms as a very fast rapper
yo man did you hear Tech N9ne - Worldwide Choppers feat. Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Ceza, D-Loc, Twisted Insane, Uso & JL B.Hood they go hard they be choppers
by JROC2009 June 06, 2011
1. a "chopped" motorcycle. From the practice of cutting parts off and otherwise modifying a stock motorcycle to customize it and improve its performance

2. an old military term for a machine gun. It was not made up by some rapper. The term goes back decades, and was used in WW2.

"what do you drive?"
"a chopped down 1984 Harley, you?"
"nice, I sold my chopper when I had kids, now I drive a mini van"


Dolan: "You know the orders. No fraternizing."

Alfie: "Who's fraternizing? I only asked if he's got bullets in that chopper. I don't want him to take his play-acting too much to heart."
(from the 1967 movie Tobruk)
by procurer June 11, 2009
British slang for a man's tummy banana.
Why do you never see 'Chopper' Biggs riding a bike?
by Lord Grimcock August 22, 2007
Chopper, i.e Mark Brandon Read, notorious Australian criminal, now retired. Or so he claims. Also a film of the same name.
Someone as logically violent and dark-humoured.
You haven't heard of Chopper? Have you been living in a bag?

Danny is a total Chopper.Last night he got bottled in the face and carried on dancing.
by Granny W August 21, 2007

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